Digital Marketing

The marketing profession has undergone major changes over the last 15 years

Changed media habits, the rise of smartphones and near universal 4G coverage have rewritten the rules of the game.

Digital marketing has made communication between the company and the customer two-way to a greater extent, and with feedback in the near real-time you can know more quickly whether the activities you carry out produce the desired effect.

Video Marketing

With digital video advertising, you can easily reach your target audience, no matter how small it is.

It is cost-effective to test and experiment with different messages, and you get feedback on what gives the desired effect almost immediately.

We have a department in which several motion graphic designers work – who animate 2D and 3D. That way every story can be told in a visual way.

Search Engine Optimization

An SEO expert helps your company to get higher in the organic results of Google. This is the wish of us and of many entrepreneurs. We are always ready for our customers and work hard every day on your website to achieve this result.

We naturally take into account the two most important SEO components, namely: Onpage SEO (all input on your website) and Offpage SEO (all input from outside, this is what we call the link profile)


Analysis and measurement is basically about gathering and analyzing data to get to know your customers, their desires and needs better.

Why do big companies always want to know more and more about you? Because data is KING when it comes to converting leads into sales.

Data is how you see what is wrong, find out what doesn’t work, and find out what works to better optimize your site for your goals.

Banner Advertising

With its almost unlimited reach, there are few digital ad formats that can compare with banners when it comes to awareness.

Get your brand out there in style and professionalism with high quality banner ads.

All banner ads can be linked to your own website. If you do not have a website, we can create a page for you with the most relevant information.

Social Media

Social media is an important part of the content marketing mix. At Space Coast Graphics & Web Design we are not only a broad content marketing agency, but also a social media agency.

We have knowledge of all channels: from Facebook to Instagram/TikTok, from YouTube to Snapchat. Whatever platform your target group uses: we know how to publish catchy content on it.

For this we work in a number of steps: for example, we first draw up a social media strategy, then we look at what social content we can develop and we release our community managers after posting.

Conversion Optimization

Website and app traffic has never been higher. At the same time, many struggle to convert visitors to purchase, order, registration or other desired actions.

We specialize in strategies and operational procedures that we can document that work. Afterall, what is the point of visitors and leads that do not convert to whatever your desired goal is?

Leading visitors via CTA’s is paramount to conversion success.

Implementation of strategy

For many organizations, it can be difficult to adapt to a digital everyday life where consistent content production, targeted advertising and ongoing analysis are the recipe for success.

We have extensive experience in implementing content strategies, continuously processing data from various sources and optimizing communication. We can contribute with the implementation, training and follow-up of the organization.

In the extremely dynamic digital everyday life we ​​live today, it is critical that we are able to quickly orient the strategy.

New competitors are constantly emerging, new channels are becoming available and the target group’s behavior is changing faster than ever.

Therefore, our methodology is based on continuous insight and data acquisition and continuous strategy adjustment.